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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Edwards Duthie Solicitors Organised Crime Fraud Theft Files - KENT POLICE SERVICE Officers Eaton Square BELGRAVIA Penthouse RANSACKED SEIZURE Forensics Files - Carroll Trust - Chatham Magistrates Court Corruption Bribery Scandal

The sensational unfolding Carroll Foundation Trust cross-border one billion dollars offshore tax evasion fraud case has revealed that yet another of the trust's legal advisors has been named in the new explosive dossiers obtained by Scotland Yard and the FBI Washington DC field office elite law enforcement officers charged with this case of international importance.

Sources have revealed that the UK Law Society firm Vizards Wyeth with offices in the City of London and Dartford Kent are understood to have represented the Carroll Foundation during the shocking break-ins burglaries and co-ordinated criminal seizure offences targeted at the trust's multi-million dollar Eaton Square Belgravia and Westminster properties over a staggering six year period.

Further sources have confirmed that partners of Vizards Wyeth submitted compelling forensic evidential material to both the Metropolitan Essex and Kent Police Services surrounding the shocking forged and falsified lease documentation of the Eaton Square Belgravia trust residence which effectively impulsed these horrific criminal offences thought to be directly linked to the much wider billion dollars money laundering fraud heist operation which stretches the globe.

In a stunning twist it has emerged that the FBI files contain charge sheet schedules of the complete theft of priceless Oxford University Carroll Institute US Anglo-Irish national treasures collections thought to have been stolen from Red Self Storage Dartford Kent and at Alban Shipping Luton Bedfordshire. It is believed that Kent Police officers are also named in the files together with members of the trans-national crime syndicate that executed what well seasoned City of London observers now regard as one of the biggest ever public interests case in living memory.

Mark Field MP for the City of London and Westminster in the heart of the United Kingdom's Governmental apparatus is now "named" a primary witness as the Member of Parliament representing victims who are constituency members within the Belgravia and Westminster wards.

Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Scotland Yard Carroll Trust Economic Security Case:
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Edwards Duthie Solicitors Organised Crime Fraud Theft Files - NORTH KENT POLICE STATION - 10 Downing Street Cabinet Office Secretary + UKTI Minister Baroness Rona Fairhead + General Council Lucy Wylde GC Solicitor Corruption Files - Carroll Trust - Chatham Magistrates Court Bribery Fraud Scandal

Sensational new disclosures in American and British media reports on the Carroll Foundation Trust multi-billion dollar fraud heist operation which stretches the globe have revealed that the 10 Downing Street former national security mandarin Lord Peter Ricketts together with Sir David Omand are thought to be coming under severe pressure to issue a public statement of clarification on behalf of the UK Government concerning the shocking delays to firm intervention and assistance by the Metropolitan Police in the Carroll Foundation case.

It is understood that extracts of the explosive 10 Downing Street Cabinet Office Carroll Trust case files contain forensic evidential material reflecting a startling litany of criminal subversive obstruction offences which are thought to have impulsed the co-ordinated break-ins burglaries and multiple criminal seizure offences directed at the Carroll Foundation Trust worldwide interests "linked" to shocking firearms and weapons attacks surgically targeted at the primary victims.

Further leaked sources close to the investigative journalists covering this unfolding story have revealed that Metropolitan Police Scotland Yard senior officers are also named in the 10 Downing Street files which are understood to link the David Cameron family deep involvement in what is regarded as a dangerous ongoing organised crime and corruption scandal.

It is believed that the Metropolitan Police have also been charged to co-ordinate a containment operation within a systematic regime of further disturbing activities designed to support the 10 Downing Street attempted cover up and obstruction offences which would ultimately provide a perceived public screen of probity for Coutts & Co Barclays HSBC Holdings who are confronting major criminal allegations of money laundering offshore tax evasion and conspiracy to defraud in the closely connected FBI Carroll Maryland Trust case.

There is a complete - LOCKDOWN - of this US HM Crown Carroll Maryland Trust Economic National Security one billion dollars ($ Case at the FBI Washington DC field office "in concert" with the Metropolitan Police Specialist Operations Directorate London.

High Court Judges Corruption Bribery Files - Edwards Duthie Solicitors Fraud Files - HIGH COURT JUDGES - CPS Chief Inspector Mike Fuller Corruption Forensics Files - MARK FIELD MP Expert Witness Files - Carroll Trust - Chatham Magistrates Court Corruption Bribery Scandal

'The Lord Denning Judgement' that states "No minister of the Crown can tell him that he must, or must not, prosecute this man or that one. Nor can any Police Authority tell him so. The responsibility for law enforcement lies on him. He is answerable to the law and to the law alone".

Edwards Duthie Solicitors Organised Crime Fraud Theft Files - EX-UK TRADE MINISTER LORD GREEN + HSBC PRIVATE BANKING - HSBC International Money Laundering Files - Barclays International Offshore Accounts Tax Evasion Files - FORGED ACCOUNTS - Carroll Trust - Chatham Magistrates Court Corruption Bribery Scandal

HSBC Holdings Plc. Chairman Mark Tucker LOCKDOWN US Carroll National Security:

Maine Investments Gibraltar Gazette Section 203A(2) Carroll Trust National Security Case:
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Edwards Duthie Solicitors Organised Crime Fraud Files - IPCC * KENT POLICE SERVICE HQ MAIDSTONE Bribery Corruption Files - FIREARMS 9MM. DISCHARGES Scotland Yard Forensics Files - Carroll Trust - Chatham Magistrates Court Corruption Bribery Scandal

HSBC Holdings Plc. Forensics Weapons Attacks Carroll Trust:

NSA Fort Meade Carroll County - OVERARCH - GCHQ - Edwards Duthie Solicitors - Carroll Maryland Trust - U.S. Economic National Security Public Interests Case

NSA Carroll County FBI Gerald Carroll National Security Case:
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